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Get inspired by Simon Sköld’s and Camilla Läckberg’s new home gym

13 May 2022 11:00 | News

Simon Sköld and Camilla Läckberg have together with Gymleco built a new home gym in the basement. See how you with Gymleco’s gym equipment can fit a lot on a compact surface and optimize the space you have at home.

The gym is about 16 square meters in an oblong shape where both cardio and functional training can take place. Two wall-mounted racks for dips and chins are mounted on the wall and Simon selected three barbells with weights and dumbbells.

“For me, time is really something I value, as is exercise. Having the gym at home means I can always make sure to get the workout done even if I’m under a lot of stress. I can have the kids and still get my exercise in. For me, that’s life quality.” says Simon when we ask why he chose to build a gym at home.

Gymleco helped plan and design the gym and supplied and installed all gym equipment.

“I was recommended Gymleco by a friend when I started looking around. He had a gym from Gymleco and was really happy and I know several people who had it so I felt it was a very good option. A big plus was that I could get a 3D drawing of how it could look when the gym was finished and a proposal of the layout.” says Simon.

Gymleco’s range includes functional equipment such as kettlebells, exercise balls, etc. There are gym machines for professional gyms and home gyms as well as cardio in different price ranges.

“I do very different training, both strength and physical. I love barbell training and you can get so much variety in the training regardless of whether you have a lot of equipment or a little.” says Simon about his own training.

Explore Gymleco’s assortment of gym equipment to see what would look good in your home.

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